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About Ronald Wanamaker

Ron’s Experience

1986 A friend Scott Caspe, let me know about a position as a color matcher for a hand-screened wall covering company. I spent the next two years honing my skills as a colorist.

1988 I had the great fortune of meeting a stone mason, I became the apprentice of Bob Thomas – Stone Mason. Mr. Thomas showed me that there was room for pride in your work and that there was a clientele that appreciated craftsmanship and would seek that craftsmanship out. I worked with Mr. Thomas until 1998, when I moved to Vermont.

1990 I began to work with a friend, Sal Mastropolo, whose company, Theatrical Props Inc., did general and theatrical contracting in New York City. Much of the work was in commercial showrooms and restaurants.

1990 I had also started a decorative paint company, Custom Paint, with Scott Caspe, from the hand-screened wall covering company. Our specialty was decorative paint and plaster repair in New York City and Eastern Long Island.

1998 I moved to Vermont and decided to put my experience towards the continued preservation of the built environment. I started Wanamaker Restoration. Historic preservation contracting incorporates all of my previous experiences and allows me to continue to learn and prefect my skills.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the people that I’ve met, worked with, and for. I have gained valuable and varied experience, and learned much about my profession.

— Ronald Wanamaker

Ron with the Rose Window