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Our Friend Todd Provost; 1965-2008

Todd at his happiest

It is with heavy hearts that we all bid farewell to a dear friend and wonderful coworker, Todd Provost.

Todd and I have professionally worked together on many projects for the past eight years and in the process became fast friends. Todd and I both worked for the same contractors as well as completing many projects together including the restoration of the Rose Window at Saint Thomas’ Cathedral, where all his friends gathered this week to say goodbye and wish him well.

I will sorely miss his friendship and the humor that helped us get through every frustrating moment that can arise during every day of “battling entropy” as Todd would have called our work. I will also miss the “banter” between us that one client claimed was the best part of having us work together on her project.

On a more personal note Todd lived with Amy and me and we also shared a summer vacation every year to Rhode Island where he spent most waking moments out on the pier fishing for the “big one” and every year he broke his last years record catch.

Along with all the people who’s lives have been touched by Todd, Amy and I are thankful to have had the chance to be a part of his life. He will be missed.


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  • 1 kristin phillips // Aug 20, 2008 at 8:18 pm

    to everyone who knew and loved Todd,

    i was so sad to read the news of the passing of someone i considered to be one of my best friends. Todd and i knew each other in the 1980s while we were both living in Burlington. i loved him dearly and have thought about him so often over the years. thank you so much for posting this very sad news.

    i too am thankful to have been part of his too short life.

    kristin phillips

  • 2 chris sewall // Aug 22, 2008 at 6:32 am

    I’m sad and shocked by the news too. I loved Todd! I lived with him and Kristin and a bunch of others in that crazy house on the corner of Hickock Place. Andy was there too. Great memories of time with him there, at other places in Burlington, on road trips and at GD shows. What a kind soul. And funny! Man, he could make me laugh and laugh. My husband Paul loved him too, and we’re both really really sad to know he has left the world. We’re glad he had such good friends and was loved by so many in the years since we last saw him. He’ll always be in our hearts.

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